THERE’s been plenty of debate this last week following the hefty fining of a man who didn’t clear up after his dog in Chafford Hundred.

It fouled in a communal area and he failed to pick it up. 

This disgusting act eventually landed this man with a £1,727 bill. Excessive? I don’t think so.

Nothing irritates me quite like when I’m walking my beloved greyhound Lulu and we come across mess that some thoughtless dog owner couldn’t be bothered to bend over and pick up.

Seriously, what does it take to grab a poo bag out of your pocket and clear up after your dog?

Hit people who champion such hideous behaviour hard I say, and fair play to Thurrock Council and the courts for doing just that. Let’s hope the offender on this occasion, Paul Halcrow, learns his lesson.

Social media was alive with comment after the Gazette story last week, and most agreed Halcrow got what he deserved.

However, others questioned whether it was a bit OTT... Not one bit, in my book.

Obvious health risks aside, this is a matter of basic decency. Society can’t survive without that.