I DO like an uplifting story, I must be honest. After all who doesn’t?

Too often in my job I am faced with bad, sad and not particularly happy news.

Ok, it does come with the territory.

So, as you can imagine, it is rather nice to get a genuine tale to lift the spirits.

In the latest Gazette, the case of Mick Spindley firmly ticks this box.

Family man Mick was told last May in no uncertain terms he had months to live. Inoperable terminal cancer.

It’s the type of news we all fear will be given to a loved one, a friend or even ourselves.

Mick, as you’d expect, was devastated. So were his family.

However, his son Anthony just encouraged his dad to go for a second opinion. His dad wasn’t convinced, but after some persuasion he went. Mick then met Dr Khoo, who he now refers to as “god”, who felt he could remove the tumour and save his life.

And in January that’s what he did. The op was a success and now Mick has been given the all-clear. Mick, his three children and seven grand children are all still in a bit of shock – but life goes on. 

Too often life can deal such cruel, unforgiving hands.  

So it is nice now and again to revel in a bit of lovely, unexpected news like this.