WRONGLY accused father Jack Barnes has called on Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price to back his calls for an official public inquiry into Thurrock’s Social Services after he claimed she “used him” during her election campaign.

Mr Barnes blasted the MP, saying that after he delivered 100,000 leaflets during the campaign, Ms Doyle-Price then “disappeared” after her successful re-election.

Mr Barnes was wrongly accused of being a terrorist and armed robber and saw his four week old baby Misty taken from him in December 2012, as reported by the Gazette.

It took nine months for Jack, 40, and partner Cheryl Rich, 27, of Goldace, Grays, to win their daughter back and complaints against them have since been found to be “not backed up by evidence” in the words of Judge Justice Roberts.

At the time they were offered £500 by Thurrock Council as an apology which they refused and continue to fight for justice.

Mr Barnes said: “I just feel used and let down, I thought she (Ms Doyle-Price) was on the same level as me, but since the election I haven’t seen or heard from her.

“Jackie used my face and my experience and my story for her campaign, but after the election, despite sending her messages on Facebook, Twitter, she disappeared.

“Both Labour and Ukip asked me to join their party campaigns, but I didn’t want to because of what the council Labour majority council did to my family.”

See Video 1 of Mr Barnes calling on Ms Doyle-Price to stand by his side:

Ms Doyle-Price said she doesn’t feel Mr Barnes’ case demands a public inquiry, but was instead a serious case of maladministration.

She said: “I have supported Jack and Cheryl throughout their fight against Thurrock Council. I have also advised that if he is unhappy with the compensation offered he should fight it through the Courts.

“This is a serious case of maladministration but I am not satisfied that it demands a public inquiry. What it does demand is concerted action by Thurrock Council to ensure that social services are working effectively.”

Mr Barnes was joined by dad Garry Wright, who was also offered compensation after his son was left in the care of a violent criminal, outside Civic Offices in Grays on this week to mount a protest and call for an inquiry into the catalogue of errors their cases received.

At the protest, they released 50 labelled balloons inside the reception and called through megaphones for the social services department to be nationally investigated.

See video 2 of Mr Barnes calling on Thurrock Council to be made the subject of a public enquiry.

In Mr Wright’s case, reported by the Gazette a month ago, an independent investigator found that the council had been “biased” in its handling of the boy, when it labelled Mr Wright “high risk” and a convicted violent criminal “low risk” leaving the boy in his care.