FEW would argue that St Luke’s is an absolutely fantastic organisation.

And one which deserves support and co-operation.

But valid questions have been raised in light of the council’s decision to allow the borough’s first hospice to be built on beautiful green belt in Horndon-on-the-Hill.

Is it really the right place?

Well, I’ve got no problem with it being on the green belt.

I feel exceptions to the rule should be made for such worthwhile facilities.

It’s clear the issues lie with accessibility...and those 50 homes.

Poor access and the fact the base is on the edge of Thurrock isn’t ideal.

Also six beds does seem a little light.

But its the new mini housing estate on this delightful bit of green belt which is really got people’s backs up.

It’s simply too many and goes against the green belt ethos.

Ten, maybe even 15 homes, for the good of the taxpayer, but 50? That’s excessive.

The council says profit will go to social care and highways.

I think specifics are needed...along with the reasons why a central base for the hospice was not further explored.