DEVOTED Don Smart’s account of his wife’s slow death is quite simply heart-breaking.   
Brave Don decided to share his diary with the Gazette in hope no one else would have to suffer again like his Edith did. 

Basildon Hospital has come under fire and Mr Smart is convinced his wife didn’t receive the care and attention she should have.

This page has had quite a few letters of late complaining about the lack of a personal touch at the hospital.  

I don’t like knocking the hospital, but this topic is something of a recurring theme, and maybe an area the new NHS regulators (see page 16 of the latest Gazette) should put at the top of their priority list?

However, at least the hospital got back to us, which is more than can be said for Bluebell Court where Edith spent her final days. 

Our chief reporter repeatedly tried to contact the care home. If not us, then surely bosses there owe Don an explanation.