The issue of noise nuisance caused by car cruisers in the Lakeside area is one that is a regular feature of my postbag.

The facts are these. There are some who engage in what can only be described as anti-social behaviour.  

There are some who speed and seek to race and these people are a hazard to other road users.

The distance the noise generated by some vehicles travels is significant. As this can often go on until the early hours, it causes sleepless nights for many residents and is a nuisance.

Essex Police receive complaints about the noise most weekends and this becomes a bigger problem over the summer months. They have dedicated significant res-
ources to the issue and while there is enforcement against some of the miscreants, the fact is that this is an ongoing problem which needs now to be tackled in other ways.

Put simply, I would rather the police spent their time time doing other things.

Essex Police have been in ongoing discussions with Thurrock Council and the Highways Agency for a number of years to identify road measures which would help address the problem.  I think it is time that these  were stepped up a gear.

I would like to see speed cameras to deter the racers.  I would like to see the imposition of a clearway to deter the spectators.

And I would like to see consideration given to road humps and road layout changes.

I know I will upset a number of motorists in making these calls, but it simply isn’t fair to expect people to put up with sleepless nights week in, week out so that people from further afield can indulge their hobby.

I ask Thurrock Council to do its best to support Essex Police on this issue.