LABOUR parliamentary candidate for Thurrock, Polly Billington welcomed Queen guitarist Brian May to Thurrock today.

The music legend has set up a campaign organisation, ‘Common Decency’, to support politicians and candidates who stand up strongly against vested interests for the less powerful, to protect and respect animals and wildlife, and to de-escalate the world from war.

May has long supported Ms Billington for her work on the environment, wildlife, social justice, the NHS and her commitment to work across party divides.

May met students at Palmer’s College to discuss with them why it is important to vote in the upcoming election.

Ms Billington said: “It’s fantastic to have rock legend Brian May come to Thurrock and to lend his support to the local Labour party’s election campaign. On May 7, change will be in the hands of our young people, so I really hope Brian’s visit will inspire young people in Thurrock to turn out and vote on election day.

"In 2010 just 44 percent of people aged 18 to 24 voted in Britain’s general election, compared with 65% of people of all ages."

Ms Billington added: “Every young person in Thurrock deserves access to creative education. We’re showing Brian the state of the art recording studio and music technology suite at Palmer’s, which will nurture local talent, help Thurrock’s economy to thrive, and maybe even mean that Britain’s next guitar hero is Thurrock born and bred.

"Creativity is the powerhouse of a prosperous economy, so Labour will increase the number of apprenticeships in the creative industries to give young people the opportunity to shine."