A 25-YEAR-OLD mum-of-six is pleading with Thurrock Council to move her and her children so she doesn’t have to battle three flights of stairs.

Single mother Belinda Chatterton, of Defoe Parade, Chadwell St Mary, has six children aged three or under – twins Lenny and Levi Chatterton, aged nine months, twin girls Milly and Lilly Bulmer, aged one, Romany Bulmer, two, and Demi Bulmer, three.

Ms Chatterton claims her council house, a maisonette, is putting her tots in danger as she has to leave her babies alone at the top or bottom of the stairs.

Despite asking to be moved to a ground-floor flat or no-stairs access for over a year, the council has not come up with anything.

Ms Chatterton said: “I think it’s wrong. They are moving people who have only got a couple of kids and I have to leave my kids unattended to take my twin boys of nine months old up or down the stairs.

“It’s an accident waiting to happen. I’m worried sick about leaving my children unattended for so long every day.

“There could be a fire or someone could just wander along and my two and threeyear- old daughters would be standing there on their own.”

Ms Chatterton described how her pram recently broke on the stairs and it was only the swift actions of neighbouring children that stopped the babies from falling out and being injured.

The council declined to comment on Ms Chatterton’s housing situation.