THURROCK'S election candidates have been chosen and are vying for your votes - find out who they are and what they stand for here. 

In the videos below the candidates tell us why they should be elected as MP for Thurrock on May 7.

The candidates are: 

Thurrock Gazette: Jackie Doyle-Price - Conservative

When I fought the last election I promised I would be a strong voice for Thurrock, fighting for you.  Whether it is improving Basildon Hospital; delivering new schools; fighting for investment in our roads, I have delivered and I look forward to continuing to do so. This election is about who leads our country – David Cameron or Ed Miliband. If you want strong leadership; continuation of our recovery and a secure future then you should vote for me. A vote for anyone else will simply yield chaos and wreck our recovery. It is a clear choice. A majority Conservative Government will deliver a referendum on our membership of the European Union. It will repeal the Human Rights Act. It will continue to reduce taxes for the lowest paid. It will continue to create jobs. And we will continue to reduce borrowing which simply leads to higher future taxes. Vote Conservative.

Thurrock Gazette: Daniel Munyambu - Independent

Healthy lifestyle is paramount for us all, it gives us confidence to face tomorrow and hence I have taken it as a noble campaign platform. With high demand in Basildon Hospital, I believe there is a need to take all measures possible including personal initiative to check our weight and what we eat to reduce chances of diseases like high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, heart attack, depression among others. This can be achieved mainly by reducing amount of human hazards; cigarettes, alcohol ,sugar and high carb food such as bread and instead focus more on low carb like  Broccoli, Cabbage, Cucumbers, fruits among others. In addition, it’s important to check the amount we eat where possible. Physical exercise should be taken as a norm, you don’t have to be a member of expensive gym club, you can do few exercises at home or outdoor jogging. Vote for me.

Thurrock Gazette: Polly Billington - Labour

I’m standing for Labour because we are on the side of working people. Under this government most of us have struggled to make ends meet while the public services we rely on are being cut to the bone. There is a better way: together we can reduce the deficit fairly and improve the lives of working people. Labour will protect the NHS, raise the quality of jobs here in Thurrock, make sure our young people have better opportunities and address the increasing costs of energy, travel and childcare. Locally, we’ve already achieved a fairer deal for our young people on the buses and saved our stroke unit. Now we need to stop a Thames second crossing going through Thurrock and protect our walk-in service. If I was your MP I would continue to work with you to get things done in our community and make Westminster work for Thurrock.

Thurrock Gazette: Tim Aker- UKIP

I was born and raised in Aveley, live in Grays and am your local choice on the ballot paper. Thurrock’s become a dumping ground. The rubbish on the A13 is a disgrace and fly tipping shames our borough. Grays town centre is becoming a no-go area. We have been forgotten for too long. If elected as your MP, I would campaign to bring down immigration levels and fight the over-development of Thurrock as we don’t have the infrastructure. Local families must have priority when it comes to school places and social housing.  NHS services will be free and for British taxpayers, not those who haven’t paid in. I’m leading the fight to keep Grays walk-in open. Thurrock has been forgotten. Now is your chance to make Thurrock unforgettable. Elect a UKIP MP and we can turn Thurrock around. The others have had their chance. It’s time for a change.