Jackie Doyle-Price has slammed rumours the Conservatives are about to do a deal with UKIP.

The Tory candidate for Thurrock hit back in response to a letter sent to her by Polly Billington - the Labour candidate.

Ms Billington wrote: "I am writing to you urging your party to come clean over its plans to strike a deal with UKIP."

"During this week’s debate your party proved that it cannot defend its record, which is why it cannot win a majority. It is now clear that the Tories are preparing to do a deal with UKIP."

She added: "Repeatedly pressed, your Chancellor and Chief Whip and David Cameron himself have failed to rule out doing a deal with UKIP."

Tory candidate Ms Doyle-Price responded: "I have made my views about UKIP well known.

"Labour know this to be an out and out lie, but they will stop at nothing to try and scare people into voting Labour."

"However, I am rather disappointed that Labour have not also condemned some of the more unpleasant messages that have come from Thurrock UKIP."

She added: "It shows a lack of moral courage when politicians are not prepared to stand up for what they believe.”

The letter was sent from Ms Billington to Ms Doyle-Price following Thursday's election debate and a letter sent by the Shadow Secretary of Health Andy Burnham to David Cameron asking the same question.

Ukip's candidate for Thurrock Tim Aker hit back at his rivals. He said: "I want nothing to do with either of the other two candidates. They haven't the slightest clue about Thurrock and are turning this campaign into a silly tit-for-tat. 

"Meanwhile the UKIP campaign is focusing on the issues that matter to local people as a result of years of Tory and Labour neglect."