The Gazette joined the man-hunt for missing dad Bradley Arthur, as the search entered day five, at Kennington Woods.

Around three to four hundred people have joined the man-hunt for the missing dad of one.

Volunteers - many of whom know Bradley personally - have been working every day from nine in the morning until two am since Bradley was first reported missing on New Year's Day.

The search - which has included sniffer-dogs and police helicopters - has seen parties of volunteers hunting through woods and parks, driving round the streets late at night, putting up posters and putting leaflets through people's doors.

The community has rallied around the missing 24-year old who was last seen leaving a gathering of friends on Grove Road on New Year's Eve at around 4.30am.

Following the five volunteers down another deserted woodland track, and stumbling through bushes as dusk fell, a sense of desperation, but determination, hung in the air.

Video 1: The search-team cover Kennington Park

They spoke of keeping up the search in spite of frustration at the lack of clues - and not knowing where to look.

Connor Thomas, 23, of said: "We have looked everywhere possible that we could think of, but nothing has been found. We have got nothing to go on and that's the hardest thing. But we won't stop until we find him, no matter how long it goes on."

Video 2: Friends Connor Thomas and Naomi Conn, 23, of Maycroft Avenue, Grays, talk about being part of the search

Friend Naomi described how shop-keepers around Stafford Hundred have responded to their posters.

She said: "When we go round the shops, all the shop keepers say, 'Oh him! I know him.' He was just like that, he knew everybody, used to talk to everybody. He was such an open person."

Video 3: Volunteer Connor Thomas 

A Facebook page called Find Brad Arthur has gathered nearly 30,000 followers since the weekend, and had over one million visitors.

A Twitter account has also been set up using the name @find_brad.