UKIP and Labour parliamentary candidates Tim Aker and Polly Billington came to blows at South Essex College, Grays, today as they were grilled by young people at a student ‘Question Time’.

Conservative MP Jackie Doyle-Price was criticised by the college youngsters for not attending, although Lib-Dem councillor Geoff Williams was on hand to represent the Lib-Dems.

The parliamentary candidates were quizzed over topics as diverse as should foreigners receive benefits to zero-hour contracts.

Students also asked the question, ‘Why do politicians lie?’

Mr Aker responded by saying, “Politicians lie because they can get away with it,” while Ms Billington accused UKIP of changing their policies too frequently to be trustable.

Video 1: The candidates respond to the question ‘Why do politicians lie?’

The student ‘Question Time’ was set up to give local politicians the chance to connect with the ‘young vote’.

Student support for UKIP and Mr Aker at the event appeared strong – although many students, when pressed – were unable to clarify their views.

Saulge Hubert, 18, of The Limes, Brentwood and Connor Wright, 18, of Tinklerside, Basildon spoke of their support for candidates, and Laura Kelly, 19, Chalk End, Pitsea, talked about why she supports UKIP.