TEMPERATURES are set to soar to 30 degrees as Essex gears up for a scorching week.

However, forecasters at the Essex Weather Centre, are also predicting a return to the stormy weather as temperatures continue to rise.

At the weekend the Basildon area was hit with intensive electrical storms and the area could face it again as more hot and humid weather moves in.

Tom Defty, of the Essex Weather Centre, said: “It looks set to be the hottest week of the year with a repeat performance of storms as the heat and humidity build at the end of the week.

“River levels are quite low but there is a risk of surface flooding and frequent lightning.

“Pollen levels will be high so hayfever will be off the charts and temperatures will be around 20 degrees at night so there will be some sleepless nights.

“The next month or so look good though, with more warm weather forecast which is good news for businesses after four years of wet summers.”