CROWDS turned out in the pouring rain to watch the filming of Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film Grimsby.

Despite the weather accurately mimicking conditions in the Humber port town, some even stood for hours on Dock Road, Tilbury, to catch a glimpse of the man behind Ali G for his new comedy about a black ops spy and his football hooligan brother, played by Baron Cohen.

Linzi Leslie, 35, of Lister Road, took the opportunity to watch the action with daughter Sky-Anna Bryant, 11, as teachers at St Mary’s Primary, where she works, went on strike.

She said: “I’ve been here since 11.30am – it’s been a lot of fun and we were hoping to get his autograph but I don’t think that’s going to happen because we can’t get near him.

“I’m surprised there aren’t more kids here, though, because it’s something to remember.”

Sky-Anna recalled seeing Baron Cohen slip while filming a scene on the steps up to the station, making everyone laugh, but meaning it had to be shot again.

A number of businesses in the area were closed during filming, with many Dock Road shops closing their shutters and sporting 1980s-style Grimsby signs, while a number of others on Broadway were boarded up with metal panels.

It had come as a shock to Bethany Casey, 19, the night before as she had been away from Tilbury for a fortnight.

Speaking as she attempted to make her way through the set to the station, she said: “I’d been away for two weeks and came back last night so confused because all the shops had changed and said Grimsby on them – I thought I was drunk.

“I tried to get to the off license and thought ‘what’s going on here?’ so I went to the other one further down and noticed a run-down park had sprung up - but I didn’t think anything of it because, if they did put a new park in Tilbury, it would get wrecked straight away.”