Usman Rahim and his wife Erima run the Grays Tuition Centre on London Road.

The couple moved to Grays in 2012 from London to start the company, and have since had a little boy Humza, who is now four months old.

The centre caters for over 150 students in the borough and has a team of 10 tutors. They were recently nominated at the Thurrock Business Awards.

What do you love about Thurrock and what is it that brought you here?

Thurrock has an amazing and vibrant community that coexist peacefully. The rural nature of Thurrock and its close proximity to London make it an idyllic location to raise a family. The tight knit community has helped our business flourish.

How do you see the future panning out for the borough (DP World, Thames Crossing etc)?

Thurrock is expanding its job opportunities and building more affordable housing, which is seeing a large influx of people moving here. The new college that’s about to open is a gateway for the youth of Thurrock to expand their horizons.

How do you think other parts of Essex see Thurrock?

A friend once described Grays as a mole on the face of Essex when I moved here. She couldn’t have been more wrong. Thurrock is largely over looked but I feel that very soon Thurrock, with its amazing opportunities, will be a beacon in Essex.

If you could change one thing about the borough, what would it be?

The education standard for Thurrock is one of the lowest in the country, as a parent this is a constant worry to me. I help students every day tutoring them to reach their potential and it’s a shame that the youth of today aren’t being nurtured properly.

What’s the best bit about working in the borough?

The borough is unique in its care for its children. Having previously lived in London, I see more parents in Thurrock who care about the future of their children and communities. The extra-curricular activities and emphasis on education for the youth is what drives this borough forward.

What kind of involvement with the community does the centre have?

The centre is very involved with the community, having children from a range of backgrounds and religions. They all come together in a mutual love for their children and we help them all in their core studies at school and preparing them for any extra exams.

And finally, what role do you think the Gazette plays in the community?

The Gazette ensures I know what’s going on in the area. We liked the coverage of the Thurrock Business Awards which we were a finalist for in this year. It’s a good tool for businesses to interact with the local community. The Gazette also helps bind the community together as it promotes the pride of the borough.