SOUTH Essex comedian Russell Brand has reportedly admitted dodging a train fare in the county after he "couldn't be bothered" to pay.

Brand, 38, who has been entertaining fans at the Cliffs Pavillion, Southend, told the Daily Mirror he had tailagted someone through a barrier on Wednesday.

The controversial funnyman, who has appeared in a number of Holywood movies, said: "From someone that’s gone from no wealth to wealth, I know that money doesn’t make me happier.

"Like I jumped the train yesterday when I had to go to Chelmsford.

"I could have got a ticket but I couldn’t be bothered with the rigmarole of getting one.

"I realised all I had to do was get over a barrier so I did that and then slid out the other end behind someone.”

Fare dodgers on the Greater Anglia route from London Liverpool Street could face fines of up to £60 and possible prosecution.