A COUPLE have been reunited with their baby after she was taken away from them at birth.

Social services accused the father of being a terrorist AND breached strict data protection rules.

Misty Barnes was just a month old when was taken from her mum Cheryl Rich and dad Jack Barnes.

In the traumatic year to follow, which eventually saw the parents win back their baby, Jack was wrongly accused of:

*being a terrorist who had knowledge of making bombs and had threatened to blow up buildings

*being a violent armed robber who had served eight years inside Belmarsh Prison

*pumping his dogs with steroids so they could fight But in addition to a bombardment of false accusations the council managed to mix Misty’s case up, putting the authority in breach of strict data protection rules.

The couple’s solicitors were sent paperwork regarding the wrong child and a Statement of Fact was submitted to court by the council with the wrong child, wrong sex and even the wrong council listed on it.

A clearly overwhelmed Cheryl, 26, said: “I was upset, confused and scared when they took Misty away.

“We went back to the flat and broke down. But it’s amazing to have her back in our lives now - it’s been so hard.”

Jack, 39, of Goldace, Grays, said: “We have had to stay strong through this.

“The council tried to break us.

“I’ve lost my fish and my dogs as a result, but we couldn’t let them win.”

Thurrock MP Jackie Doyle-Price, who was contacted by the couple in December 2012 has fought their corner ever since.

She said: “While the family are reunited now, nothing can replace the time they have lost. A major injustice has taken place here.

“Thurrock council owe this family a huge apology.

“Whilst there were reasons to be concerned for Misty's welfare, social workers treated Cheryl as a victim of domestic violence, which she was not.

“The council argue the court would not have approved the first care order unless the action was fair.

“However, the papers filed with the court by the council contained untruths which Jack and Cheryl could not challenge.”

The council refused to comment in detail on the case, but a spokesman said: “The family has been asked to provide a detailed written complaint, setting out all their issues so it can be investigated properly by a non-council, independent person.”