FED-UP residents in Chafford Hundred have launched a new campaign to clear up the town’s “filthy” streets.

The amount of dog poo has been getting worse in recent months, with residents recording up to 55 incidences per day.

Resident Daniel Rice has had enough and has spoken with Thurrock Council, who back his plans.

He will target dog owners with a leafleting campaign, called “Zero Poo Chafford”, and through the introduction of a dog warden, who will patrol the streets looking for wrongdoers.

Mr Rice, 40, moved to Triumph Close, Chafford Hundred, said: “This is a problem that has gone on far too long and must be dealt with - now.

“My five-year-old cannot step on grassy areas of the estate, my baby daughter's pushchair often comes into my house with poo on the wheels, my wife's route to the kids school is longer since the quicker of the paths is unpassable and walking anywhere means watching where your feet are going. Counting the dog poo per meter on the path outside my house leaves me nauseous.

“However, now the council has said it will help I am confident we can educate people on the right thing to do.”

He has spoken to Chafford Hundred ward councillor Tunde Ojetola and Lucy Magill, the head of service for public protection, who have pledged to help the residents.

Mr Ojetola said: “I have spoken with the council about this. Residents have taken up the messy task of cleaning up other people’s dog faeces and that should not be the way this is solved.

“We need to raise awareness as this is a criminal offence and can result in a £1,000 fine. Daniel and his fellow residents have done a great job up to now but the council needs to step in.”

Mr Rice has set up a Facebook page to increase local support and he already has 150 supporters of his campaign, which can be seen at https://www.facebook.com/ZeroPooChafford.

A council spokesperson said: “All parties attended a residents’ meeting to discuss the issue and a set of actions were agreed - that the council will work with local residents to raise awareness of the problem and to provide support to their campaign to get local dog owners to take responsibility.

“Daniel Rice was invited to work with the council’s enforcement and communications teams to set out a plan of action on how best to tackle offenders and promote the campaign.”