A SOUTH Ockendon bricklayer has cemented his position in Thurrock’s richlist – having won more than £250,000.

Colin Hopkins, 48, thought it was just another day when he sat down for his morning cup-of-tea before a day at work.

However, on checking his Euromillions ticket he found out this was no ordinary day. He had just won £256,130.20.

Colin, had to recheck his winning numbers – 13, 17, 21, 42, 44 and lucky number 11 – on his phone but, on realising he had won a small fortune, he decided not to tell his two daughters until they got home.

Colin said: “It is unreal. Even though you enter every week you don’t think it will happen to you. I have to be honest, there was no whooping for joy when I found out, I just sat their like a lemon for about an hour completely stunned.

“I have already taken the girls on a bit of a shopping spree, but we will buy a house with the money as we only rent at the moment. It will be amazing to buy our own home again and enjoy the peace of mind that will bring.

“I daresay we will go on a family holiday as well.”

The rest of the family came around the day after the draw on Tuesday, September 17, to join in with the celebrations – including champagne in their pyjamas.

Pre-school teacher Carlie, 26, and care worker Jamie, 25, were over the moon when their dad told them he had won £6,000 in the draw but their jaws dropped when he told them it was £250,000 on top of that.

Carlie said: “It was so exciting to find out, the two of us were screaming with excitment. It is so great and we are so pleased for our dad. He works so hard and deserve this.”

Despite his success Colin says he won’t stop buying tickets.

He added: “I have a taste for it now. It is just a bit of fun and you never know might happen next time!”