Olivia Colman has said she relishes playing "unlikeable" roles.

The Broadchurch star's latest project is as down-on-her-luck single mother Carol in Channel 4's gritty new drama Run.

The series, which will be shown over four consecutive nights, weaves together four seemingly unconnected people who are each facing life-changing decisions.

"Carol's doing what she can," explained Olivia. "She's trying to keep the family together and she's doing it in an unconventional way."

The star of Twenty Twelve and Accused said that as an actress, she enjoys playing against type.

"I like the fact that some people might find Carol unlikeable," she said. "I like that she's not all smiley and sweet."

While many people may think the Bafta-winning actress has one of the most coveted jobs on the planet, she revealed her children Finn, seven, and Hal, five, aren't among them.

"My sons are too little to get wrapped up in the fame side of things and I keep reminding them that being an actor is nice but it's not impressive. Saving lives is impressive," said Olivia. "Their mates go, 'Your mum's famous', and my sons go, 'Yeah but that's not cool. It's cool to be a nurse'."

Despite having so many strings to her bow, Olivia has no intention of leaving Blighty for La-La land just yet.

"Me go to Hollywood? Only for a holiday!" she snorted. "I'm getting good work here and you don't want to ruin it and start somewhere else. I feel lucky to be working."

:: Run starts on Channel 4 on Monday July 15.