Arnold Schwarzenegger said he is “ready to film” the second season of Netflix show Fubar next month, despite recent pacemaker surgery.

The Terminator star, 76, previously joked he became “a little bit more of a machine” after he got a pacemaker fitted earlier this month.

He told Arnold’s Pump Club podcast that he had to undergo the surgery after doctors found scar tissue from previous heart surgery due to his genetic heart condition called bicuspid aortic valve.

Updating fans on his health, Schwarzenegger said on Instagram: “I’ve gotten so many kind messages from all over the world, but a lot of people have asked if my pacemaker will cause any problems with Fubar season two.

“Absolutely not. I will be ready to film in April, and you can only see it if you’re really looking for it.”

The Hollywood actor starred in the first series of Netflix hit Fubar, about a CIA operative on the verge of retirement who discovers a family secret and is forced to return to the field for one last job.

Schwarzenegger appeared in the series alongside Monica Barbaro, Aparna Brielle, Milan Carter, Travis Van Winkle and Andy Buckley.

The Austrian-born star said he first had open-heart surgery in 1997 for his genetic heart condition and again in 2018, while in 2020, he had non-invasive surgery on his heart.