Age 18
Steam PC
Price About £45

Can you believe it - Call of Duty has been around since 2003 and now here we are with Infinite Warfare which we have just finished on Steam.

Getting started was fun, and this advice may help many. If you are running AVG, navigate to 'exceptions' and put the Steam folder in there.   On our test rig PC, the game would 'hang' on the launch screen. 

So, assuming you have a go, let's take a look at what this is all about. Space. And spaceships. Little spaceships, big spaceships and monster spaceships. And some even bigger spaceships. So, we is in space, ok?

And on the ground a few times too, getting there in a, well, spaceship. You get to 'walk' in space, fight in space, and destroy all manner of things space. Like robots, including some big ones, but not as big as those in say Titanfall.

There are some signature moments where I am glad we are had our Philips 32 inch screen on test - this game looks immense at times. Humungous battle cruisers (sort of spaceship) are flying nearby at a sort of air show close to the start - before things start going wrong. And it looks amazing.

The story is pretty academic. Space baddie wants all space to himself, and we get out there and stop him by blowing up more of his space stuff than he blows up of our space stuff.

Nice character building too, but despite the good guys coming from various nations around the world, it is still all a bit booya. It is the Marines after all.

Very moving during the end credits are the 'letters' home read by your comrades who fell during the game. It's only a game, but the real military do this, and it is genuinely emotional hearing them if you allow yourself the thought it is very real to life.

Pretty sure Call of Duty has now got as futuristic as it can get, and its global sized scenarios have reached saturation. Can't help thinking, the next one could be back to basics - hope so. Loved the first one, and they have been hit or miss ever since. 

Infinite Warfare is pretty big, and we like that. It is still involving and that is even better.