There has been plenty of online moans about this new game. It’s football. And we are now up to 16 and there has been plenty of other spin-offs in the series.

But it all still boils down to be a football match. Despite it being the beautiful game, there is a finite things that happen on a football field. And in my opinion at least, this game does it really well.

The production values are right up there, as they traditionally are with EA titles. Women play too, team build to challenge others. There is a career mode with pre-season tournaments and player training.

And once you get on to the pitch the attributes go on forever. There is defending as a unit, improved tackling, and a better goalie. Or how about 25 defence features.
Say what you like about it – this game appears to have it all. Midfield, attack, all have some nifty upgrades.

There really is so much to learn that there is an optional overlay that helps you make that crucial decision on what to do with the ball if you manage to get it from your opponent. You can lean with just basic skills and move on from there, just like in real life. Only you won't get puffed out.

Actually, you might – there is so much to take in, it may well take you a while to get the hang of everything. If you have played some of the previous Fifa games, you will naturally have a head start.

For others dipping their toes in for the first time, all this can seem intimidating. I am no expert, but after a while and a hefty bit of practice, I am starting to get the hang of it, but am far from being good. And that drives you on to improve, at least until Fifa 17 comes out.