We all love Jurassic Park and now World movies. We all love building stuff with Lego bricks. So, why not do both, in a game. On the Xbox One.
OK then, here it is.
If you have played a Lego game before, you will sport the similarity. 
After all, we are talking about Lego bricks, so the looks is going to be much the same as all the others. But this is Jurassic World, so .... DINOSAURS.
Lots of them. Big, small, cute, vicious – they are all here. Pretty much assume if they are in any of the Jurassic monster movies, you will see them here too.
It follows the films quite nicely too, from the original from way back in 1993. The dark ages – you know, before when computers were even invented.
Right, so not quite, but you would never have played this on a 90s PC or console.
Considering we are talking Lego shapes, it is pretty gorgeous. There are some curves to be seen, but you will need to accept the blocky shortcomings right from the outset, or you will be disappointed.
This is of course aimed at the kids with an age rating of seven and up, but believe me, if you are an adult and like games, you will love this.
Puzzles, dinos, climbing, dinos, running about, dinos, and building stuff. And dinos. What more do you want.
Pretend you are one of a myriad of characters from all the films and basically run through all those scenarios you loved on screen. Only as a Lego character. And there are DINOS – yay.