This is great when you have around three hours to kill and fancy having some major rows with friends and family.

Monopoly has long been one of those games that can go on forever, but is so addictive, you won’t be taking too many breaks.

Is it all down to the luck of the dice, or is there really come strategy that makes playing a must for those who like to think about their games.

I have to say there is a slice of both, but anything that has dice involved has a major element of chance. BUT, it’s what you do with your fortunes that can change the outcome.

How persuasive are you when it comes to trading time. Can you secure the properties you need while holding on to enough cash to handle the inevitable bills when they pile in. And that’s where the rows start.

As a deal is getting close to being agreed between two players, you can be sure there is another who is less than enamoured by what’s unfolding in front of them. If they are vocal enough, perhaps they can sabotage the deal and even get in on the action.

This Xbox One version gives players plenty of opportunity to permanently fall out, or perhaps even rage quit in a major huff.

Great stuff and Ubisoft ensured there is plenty on the screen to stop it all becoming too repetitive – looks good too.