Well, this is it - easily the game of the year. Better that and Call of Duty, better than The Sims, better than, well, everything.

It’s not perfect, but it’s so darn close, it’s painful. I loved the original, went off the second, loved the third and adore the fourth.

Far Cry 5 surely can’t be too far in the future. I now annoy my significant other with random cries of “eagle!”.

Set in the mountains this time, you won’t have to do too much irritating rock climbing, but there is a million other things to do without going near an official mission.

A myriad of new creatures are in there with rideable fighting elephants, bees, rhinos, a pet fighting tiger, and those eagles.

Weapons, jobs, money and skills. That’s the backbone of this game, and to max out will take ages, which is great news.

Bases, fortresses, trippy missions – it’s all in there in spades. Hurk is back with his monkey obsession, along with new vehicles like the TukTuk.

The scenery is lavish and detailed and quite easy to get around. Missions are varied enough, which boil down to you having to free another race of people from a despot. Same old, same old.

But it’s the experience while doing it will be so rewarding. You can charge in like a loon, or like me, scout a base before picking off the baddies one by one.

There is very little that is time-sensitive – I hate clocks ticking down, such a bore.  Plenty of online co-op stuff there too, another thing I am not keen on. I like being the lone gun out to right wrongs – I really don’t want others around me in my ‘squad’ telling me where to go, as in CoD.

This is just about as open a world as you could hope for. Far Cry 5, I need you soon