Zombies – lots and lots of zombies, all in concentrated packs, chasing me.

All I have is a hard hat and a pistol with 20 rounds.

Ending it seems so easy right now. I leg it, diving down back alleys and climbing over chain fences to escape this brutal hoard.

This is pretty much Dead Rising 3. Get the picture? Swipe a couple of zombies then run. And do it again. Reading this you may be thinking how boring, but removing the un-dead from the planet has never been so much fun.

The game starts with the character in what looks like a sports stadium. It acts as a mini tutorial coaxing you in to the game ahead. Once you escape, the open world of Dead Rising 3 is at your fingertips, and it is stunning.

The premise of the game is survive the zombie outbreak and save as many ‘normals’ as you can along the way.

Eventually, you have a whole array of weapons to choose from. It almost feels like anything in the game can be picked up and flung towards the walking dead. You can even customise these weapons by combining them to make super weapons. So far I've combined a saw and a mallet together to make some kind of double-edged hell for the zombies.

Dead Rising 3 follows the story of Nick Ramos, an orphan with no recollection of his early years of childhood except for his number 12 tattoo. He is a mechanic for the Wench 'O' Rama and travels with his bosses Rhonda and Dick. They are trying to escape the city before the military bomb it. They have 6 days.

Dead Rising 3 also throws some very interesting character bosses at you. One I've so far discovered is an Asian samurai who is hell-bent on protecting his Japanese garden. He comes at you with some form of scythe. He was very hard to kill. Eventually after a long battle, I won, and the samurai decapitated himself because of his anger at his Lord.

The game isn't gruesome as some people may think. It has a huge comedy line running through it and nothing is really taken too seriously.

It's an enjoyable game. And with the removal of that annoying pocket watch from the older titles, Dead Rising 3 feels like you can actually take your time and enjoy the sights. Oh, and with added multiplayer you can do this with your friends.