Tycoon games are two a penny these days, and most of them are down to a single company, and praise be to them. Just like flying games, the tycoon titles were starting to get thin on the ground and now there are many.

How about Camping Manager, or Digger Simulation. Not niche enough? There is Oil Platform Simulator, Stone Quarry Simulator, and of course Zoo Park.

While their truck sims took off big time, many of these are small titles, but that takes nothing away from their innovation.

Zoo Park, as the name suggests, means you get to own, develop, expand and maintain a park with zoo animals in it.

Getting the food and care just right, cater for the paying customers to pay for that food and care- it’s a perfect circle of steady chaos.

And that makes it great fun.

The graphics are not brilliant, but the game play is all there. If this sells well, and there is no reason why it shouldn’t, perhaps they will improve with Zoo Park 2, if there is one.

For now though, you get around 30 animals, all with their own individual requirements that all sound quite real, but then I am not an animal feed and environment expert.

Some of them can be mixed in the same enclosures, but lions and gazelle does not sound like a great idea.

You hire the staff and need to ensure the topography is all spot on – oh, and the shape of the park, including easy access with paths that draw crowds to your best displays.

Get this game and play it with the kids – they’ll love it, and so will you.