I hate to be sexist, but this really is going to be one for the girls, I think. This is the latest in the Monster High range.

Skultimate Roller Maze let’s you know this is all about skating. In a spooky location. Well, Monster High, actually. In the catacombs.  And other schools too, so get your away skates on tight.

Choose characters, jump on skates, have crazy scary adventures. Never has horror been so innocent.

It’s fun though – you get all the usual power ups you might expect from a game like this.

Any kid already knows, this, but the characters have some great names. Like Frenkie Stein, or Clawdeen Wolf. Or how about Draculaura?

Brilliant Mattel – sheer genius. The Monster High line includes just about everything but it has a serious message too.

I thoroughly recommend this game to every single child over seven, but probably under 12, but what do I know. Multiple difficulty settings will help the younger players with their skull skills.