Get a bloke in a cape going all Tomb Raider across the scenery, add in some staggering scenery and control system, and get the game out there.

A great storyline will also ensure you get your valuable sequel. Make it as good as Assassin’s Creed, and you arrive at today, with number three.

Tough on us that it’s all about defeating the British in the good ole US of A.

The open sea, cities, countryside, revolution, and even some multiplayer action – it’s all here to be explored. Wildlife, hidden treasures, and of course that amazing climbing ability.

There are plenty of cut scenes, and it can have some long load times, but that just sets you up with a determination to ensure you need to see everything each mission has to offer.

This has been a major success, and it’s clear to see why. Some of the surroundings are so well done, and the action sequences are pretty varied. This latest episode is also spread over years, so plenty of scope for checking every nook an cranny.