Valentine’s Day. The most romantic date of the year. Even if you’re single this year, true love could be in the air. All you need do is relight your fire and fan the flames of your career. 

Yes, it’s time to fall back in love with your job. 

Like any long-term relationship, keeping this spark alive takes a little work. Let us guide you through rekindling the romance. 

First, keep it fresh. This is important if you feel you’ve become stuck in a rut. The so-called seven-year itch can have you scratching after only seven months but, instead of having a daily grump about it, employ tactics to get the passion back. 

There are lots of ways to revamp your workplace experience. Office-based workers may consider reorganising their space or giving it a makeover. Adding personal touches, such as colourful plants, or clearing out the clutter can make a big difference to your immediate outlook. 

It’s also worth considering shifting your workspace altogether. A new perspective can be just the thing to rediscover your mojo. 

Remember, too, regardless of what you do to make money, there’s always room to learn something new. Diversifying your skillset is a great way to rejuvenate your passion. 

This could be through volunteering to take on a new project, enrolling in a training course, or committing to professional development with a mentor. Setting professional goals in this way – and, of course, achieving them – will get you your mojo back. 

Remember, too, that getting stuck in a career rut isn’t always your fault or responsibility. Poor communication can be a factor. Therefore, talking is key to getting back on track. Use meetings with management as a chance to be as honest and transparent as possible about how you feel or to give suggestions about how things can improve. 

It’s worth pushing your line manager for regular one-to-one meetings, where you can discuss all aspects of your job. Feeling acknowledged, valued and listened to is a sure-fire way to get that spark back. 

Just like human relationships, a rewarding and healthy relationship with the job depends on balancing work commitments with an investment in your free time. 

It can be tempting to arrive home, flop down on the sofa, switch off the brain and switch on the next episode of The Witcher, and repeat throughout the week. 

But investing in productive free time is the perfect foil for keeping your job fresh, as well as boosting your overall wellbeing. 

Hobbies keep minds and bodies agile. Whether it’s puzzles, party planning or pole dancing, ensure you’re fulfilled personally to enjoy positive knock-on effects in your career. 

Finally, ask yourself this: why do you do the job you do? It’s easy to lose sight of this and essential to remind yourself why you get up and go to work every day. 

If you’re struggling to find an answer, consider reframing the narrative. Why is your role so important? What unique strengths do you bring to the table? Write down a definitive list – a set of job affirmations – that can help put things in perspective and give you motivation. 

On the other hand, if your list is a little light on those affirmations, it could be time to rethink things altogether. Not all relationships last.