Figuring out what we need to do – before we need to do it – is important in our working lives. In many roles, being prepared and organised are must-have qualities. 

Afraid you won’t land a top role because you forget to do stuff? 

Don’t worry: the answer is to make a To-Do list. 

Make it simple and easy-to-follow by writing down tomorrow’s or even this week’s tasks, then tick off each one as it’s done. 

This will help remove worries that you might miss something, as well as make your job easier. 

If you want to get noticed as a diligent and super-efficient candidate, here are our top tips for creating the perfect To-Do list. 

Be Realistic 

Unless you’re Dr Who’s assistant, there’s only so much time you can cram into a typical working day. So be realistic about how much you can actually achieve. 

It may be tempting to plan a complete office overhaul on Friday afternoon, but you need to factor in your daily duties then create a workable timetable. 

That overhaul will happen – Rome wasn’t built in a day, but a series of To-Do lists helped lay the foundations. 

Stay Focused 

The very act of listing tasks has already made you more effective, but make sure there’s a logical timeline for completing them. 

Adopting a scatter gun approach for each of your bullet points will see you flit from one job to another without making any real progress. 

So, it’s first things first and last things last. 

Get Connected 

Once upon a time scribbled notes could cut it. Today we live in a digital world and there’s no excuse not to have your daily, weekly and even monthly To-Do lists all synchronised and interlinked to your phone, tablet or desktop computer. 

There are even voice-activated AI systems to help you – although never ask Alexa what you should be doing next just as the boss is walking past  

Make It a Date 

For those who work in administrative or executive roles, your tasks could include scheduling meetings and travel arrangements for senior members of the company. This means a To-Do list must always include checking the diary at the start of each day. You wouldn’t want the CEO to miss her surprise birthday bash! 

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