Tomorrow evening – and probably well into the wee small hours – villages, towns and cities across the UK will be celebrating the arrival of 2020 with our customary enthusiasm. 

Such is the awesome scale of the annual Mayor of London’s fireworks display, held by the River Thames, New Year revellers will be able to view all the whizz-bang-wallop action from vantage points all around the city.

Newcastle’s New Year will be celebrated in style, too, especially down at the Quay.

Revellers gather on the banks of the River Tyne for the night to party in local bars and restaurants. After the countdown finishes and the final hour strikes, 2020 will be greeted with a massive fireworks display.

Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland boasts funfair rides and this year includes a traditional Big Wheel. There will be hot food and drinks culminating in the main course of the fireworks display to mark midnight.

In Manchester, meanwhile, the annual New Year’s Eve fireworks display will be moving to Deansgate next to Manchester Cathedral, with thousands expected to attend.

Amid all of the carousing, however, health professionals are advising that taking care of yourself is the real key to enjoying the holidays to the max. The New Year survival guide includes outdoors exercise, eating well, drinking enough water, enjoying lots of sleep and not drinking too much alcohol.

Socialising with friends and family can also be balanced with spells of calm and quiet. A major positive of tuning out from all the noise is how quickly this space fills with great ideas for the year ahead.

In fact, it’s perfect for planning how to become stronger physically and emotionally . . . not only in our personal lives but also professionally. And the good news is there promises to be a range of rewarding careers available in 2020.

Very few industries can operate today without investing in the latest technology and this means investing in top technologists. That’s why businesses – from builders’ merchants to bookshops and restaurants to retailers – will be seeking tech gurus and IT experts. Website and mobile app developers, in particular, will be needed to build interactive showcases and strengthen online PR and marketing. 

Social media and online sales will continue to be a major draw for recruitment, too, while marketing automation (the analysis of online sales figures and patterns) and influencing (the art of attracting sales) will be vital for companies who want to grow – and, of course, the digital marketing professionals who want to thrive with them.

Staying with the tech trend for 2020, according to data compiled by LinkedIn, the UK’s top-three emerging jobs next year will be artificial specialist, data protection officer and robotics engineer. 

However, roles in so-called ‘soft tech’ fields, such as customer services, will also be given a boost. Customer success specialists, whose mission it is to work proactively with companies to enhance their customer experience, will be joined by growth managers as part of this trend.

The LinkedIn 2020 Emerging Jobs Report UK also suggests, although the IT and computer software sectors currently employ a large share of emerging jobs talent, with 33% of professionals, the pharmaceutical industry has the highest year-on-year growth when it comes to hiring for jobs with +49%.

Non-traditional industries are also recruiting; think of sectors such as HR, marketing, healthcare and research, who all make their mark in the top 10.

Meanwhile, money talks and the chatter is going to be louder than ever next year, with financial services’ average job growth expected to outpace other sectors. 

Many in the industry admit companies have been sitting on a lot of cash because of uncertainty in both domestic and international politics and trade – but fully expect them to start spending again in 2020. For private corporations to do new deals and expand, investment analysts and bankers will be needed to reboot the IPO market. 

With growth also focused on the technological side of the money business, big names and start-up fintechs will do battle to recruit the best tech talent . . . qualified applicants should check into x1jobs to secure the most rewarding roles.

A surprise late entry will be blockchain developers, with the global cryptocurrency infrastructure needing fresh investment in both development and oversight. 

One reason for this is that in May next year Bitcoin is expected to see its third ‘halving’ process. This means half the number of Bitcoins will be generated from mining every ten minutes and it could lead to an upsurge in the need for developers and legislators.

On the subject of legislators, another sector that could see increased hiring through x1jobs in 2020 is the law profession. Lawyers, paralegals and legal admin assistants are all being targeted by law firms and corporate legal departments.

Litigation is one driving force for this recruitment but the conscious uncoupling that will be Brexit will, of course, mean more work for legal eagles – with commercial disentanglements, insurance defences and changes in employment law all offering new business avenues.

With only two more sleeps until 2020, and such a wide range of new career opportunities, now’s the prefect time to make a New Year resolution to reach the top with vacancies on x1jobs.