IT COULD be line dancing, a martial art or the ukulele: constant repetition is what leads to excellence.

Working as a production operator or on an assembly line offers the same Zen-like masterclass in control and technique. Practice makes perfect.

The downside is some jobs can become monotonous, leading to boredom, distraction and, ultimately, a lack of quality in the finished products.

Thankfully, the days of checking for leaks as a milk carton squeezer are long gone.

In fact, the majority of the most tedious tasks are fully automated.

Yes, robots may think they’re smarter but, in reality, they have a much lower boredom threshold than humans.

Where there is still a danger of boredom creeping in, there are ways to combat the humdrum rhythm of your day.

60-Second Makeover: Enhancing your work environment doesn’t mean flock wallpaper and uplights. Simple changes to habits and habitat make a huge difference.

For example, if your chair is uncomfortable or you’re tired of sitting, buy comfy trainers and work on your feet. Is the factory lighting a little too low and making you sleepy, especially on night shifts? Your manager will be happy to enhance the mood with better visibility. Take a look and become aware of the small things you can improve around you.

Be a pioneer: Innovation is at the heart of production and manufacturing. If as you work you can think of new ways of doing things with the potential to speed up operations, increase safety or improve quality, you’re not only stimulating your mind you’re boosting your career prospects.

Upbeat downtime: Assembly line workers are given plenty of breaks to ensure their health and safety are never in danger.

Why not use this time to reenergise your body? Most workplaces have changing and shower facilities so why not do some walking or running? Exercise will increase your fitness and break up your shift.

You could also use breaks to stimulate your brain by learning a new language. Even better, if you hope to be a production manager, research new ideas and products that can help boost the company.