SOUTH Ockendon’s Sonny Sherwood won a controversial National Banger Wild Card final at Arena Essex, despite a dominant display from Karl Douglas.

Douglas crossed the line first in all of the afternoon races.

But in his eagerness to get to the front of the final, which carried automatic qualification into the National Banger World Final in September, he jumped the start and was docked a place at the end of the race, promoting Sherwood.

Also, Team Little Charlie’s, headed up by recent Caravan race visitor, Wayne Boland, Curtis Salvage and Ricky Pullen went up against the local TMT team straight from the green flag of heat one.

TMT’s livewire Ricky Hutton caused chaos in the heats and his badly damaged car returned to the track for the Destruction Derby and he took part in an entertaining battle with brother Tony and Butcher, all three combining to finish the challenge of Ricky Korpiela.

Luke Oliver won the Stock Rod Essex Championship and Phil Wise took heat and final success in the Stock Cars.

Aaron Totham won a thrilling competition in the Mini Stox event, with David Shearing and Abbie McGuiness pushing him close towards the end.

The next action at Arena Essex is on Sunday when the inaugural World Series Final takes place for the Micro National Bangers.

The Lightning Rod Essex Championship and Mini Stox provide support at the usual start time of 1pm.