FISHING: THE varied weather suited Rochford's Doggetts this week with float fishermen landing good bags from most parts.

However, Thursday suddenly saw an improvement in the carp fishing as anglers adopted a stealthier approach by fishing the margins more.

Brian Thompson fished the south bank where keeping back from the bank and fishing his own bait saw him land a 22lb mirror only 3ft from the bank under a tree.

George Cronnan and Richard Cooper fished the long where they landed four fish to 17lbs and missed a few others.

One mirror was taken from the reeds only a couple of feet from the swim.

And the others fell to floaters and bottom baits by the reeds.

Vic Watch landed a very scrappy mid double from the long arm while Mark Johnson and Glenn Burton banked three mid doubles from the south bank.

Dom Prior saw the advantages of keeping the bivvy out of the swim and not moving around while he fished a night on the north bank.

Fishing a new Nash bait, he was broken by one very good fish but managed to beat his Doggetts personal best when he landed a stunning 25lbs specimen.

Nearly all the carp anglers commented on the quality of the tench they landed and so did Collin Armitage who fished a day on the north bank.

Fishing an assortment of baits and pole tactics, he landed a stunning 17lbs tench.

Not one of his fish were under 3lb and the largest was 7lb.

Armitage also landed some stunning roach and rudd and it goes without saying numerous bream.