MARTIAL ARTS: THE Kenkyukai club at Tilbury competed in the Essex Karate Cup Open Championships in Clacton.

The competitions was both kata and kumite.

Kenkyukai Tilbury entered nine competitors who competed in both disciplines, with an age range of eight years through to 17 years.

Competitors were Sheria Smith, Jay Simmons, Sidney Edwards, Rhys Pemble-March, Ellie Edwards, Rihanna Hadley Alfie Parks, Hayden Pemble-March and Harrison Harvey.

The club won five gold and five bronze trophies which is an excellent result for the young fighters from Tilbury.

Kenkyukai Tilbury have had a club in the town for the past 11 years, where they practice traditional Okinawan GoJu-Ryu karate, and the competitive side.

For information on training times contact Sensei Bill Martin at or call 07910141873.