DESPITE the changeable weather – and the fish deciding to concentrate on spawning – there were some decent catches at The Warren at Stanford.

The main lake has produced some good carp with the best two at 31.5lb and 30.5lb. Both fish were commons and fell to boillies. A couple more catfish were also reported with the best at 31lb caught by an angler in the pylon swim.

Bream to 7lb, tench to 8lb and perch to 3lb made up the catches.

The square lake produced carp to 21 lb plus tench and bream.

The match lake has been variable with good bags one day and nothing the next. The best catch was 18 tench to 6.5lb and four bream to 4lb. They were caught in an afternoon session by a day ticket angler fishing the railway bank and fishing the float near the rushes.

Luncheon meat was the best bait. The tench lake has partially reopened after recent flooding.

And John Covill had a short three hour session targeting tench and caught four carp to 18.5lb, a 3lb eel but only one tench of about 4lb. All fish were caught using small meat baits close in on the float.