VORTEX Lakeside Hammers lost 48-42 against Wolverhampton on Monday night but still took home an Elite League point.

Frustratingly for the Hammers they had looked in contention all night.

Stars of the show for the Hammers were captain Davey Watt, who led by example with 11 points, track specialist Peter Karlsson with nine and reserve guest Steve Worrall, who used his experienced gained from racing at the Monmore Green track in the National League, with an eight paid 10.

With World Champion Tai Woffinden having an off night, matched by the Hammers Lewis Bridger throughout his scheduled rides, the match swung to and fro, first with the Hammers, who established a four point lead after heat five.

A first bend mistake by Karlsson after leading from the gate in heat six, levelled the meeting when the Wolves riders led for a home maximum advantage.

The Hammers regained a slender lead in the eighth heat, with Watt and Lawson combining for a 4-2, and could have extended this further with Worrall and Morley leading on a 5-1 in the ninth, before the race was stopped after Jacobs fell, with the re-run delivering a 4-2.

Proctor and Pawlicki teamed up to get the better of Karlsson in heat 11, with Bech suffering from ignition problems, to level the score again, before the home team took consecutive 4-2 heat advantages in the 13th and 14th to lead into the nominated race by four points.

With a 5-1 to the Hammers needed to salvage a draw, Piotr Pawlicki again led Karlsson home, with Wells picking up third, ahead of Watt.