BOXING: FIGHTERS from Chadwell have been showing off their ring fight skills again recently. At a recent Harlow Dog Track bout, Chadwell’s Jordan Purkiss, 18, (54kg) fought S Hussain from Slough ABC.

The referee stopped the bout in the second round after the very strong local boy gave his opponent two standing counts.

Jordan earned himself an Essex vest and gold plaque.

Another Chadwell fighter James Josling, 11, (30kg) remains undefeated after winning his bout against southpaw G Ellis from Repton ABC.

The unanimous decision was at the Repton club home show at East Ham Working Men's Club. Josling was the only away boxer to win on this show and is proving to be the boy to look out for in this year’s schoolboy championships that start at the end of February.

Ian Farrell, 15, (54kg) secured a win against C Paddy from Hurstlea ABC at Bury St Edmunds by a unanimous points decision. Farrell is a strong tough up-and-coming boxer and another name to watch out for in amateur boxing.

Another Chadwell fighter doing well at present is 10-year-old Tony Doherty.

The 29kg fighter had a skills bout against K Ciureja from Fenland Sparta ABC. Doherty gave away both weight and age Against a very tough opponent and showed skill and class against the taller opponent.

Chadwell’s head coach and matchmaker Scot Johnston said he was delighted with recent displays by all his fighters.