SEA ANGLING: THERE have been plenty of fish caught in Thurrock and up the Essex coast this week. And local sea anglers are looking forward to the arrival of increased numbers of cod and larger whiting.

Thamesmead: Flounders and eels. Erith, Morrisons jetty: Big flounders and soles. Belvedere: Flounders, eels, the odd bass and pin whiting.

Dagenham Market: Flounders and the odd eel. Dartford (under the Queen Elizabeth Bridge): Whiting (some sizeable) and the odd flounder.

Graham from Dolphin angling reports: Gravesend: A 3lb codling was taken on Saturday, plus whiting and flounders.

Greenhithe: Bass between three and four pounds and still the odd sole. Grays Wharf: Codling beginning to show plus whiting.

Grays YC and East Beach: Whiting and flounders, plus chance of a codling.

All Hallows: Flounders, whiting and the odd schoolie. l A scratch match was held on Saturday in the River Roach: Eight anglers fished the event and John Maskell won it with six flounders and two eels. His brother Dave was second with five flounders and one whiting. Third was David Keys with two flounders, one eel and three whiting. All were caught on lugworm.

River Crouch: Whiting and flounders at Fambridge, but better sized fish at Wallasea and Holiwell point.

Lee from Southend Angling reports: Southend Pier: Herring, whiting and dogfish.

Richard Holgate from Metcalf’s reports: Walton Pier: Whiting, dogfish and codling. Holland on sea (Brighton Road): Big whiting and the odd codling.

Pakefield (Norfolk): Dabs and decent whiting (not pinheads) with 40 fish a session being caught.

Boats: ‘Cloud Nine’ out of Wallasea (on Saturday) boasted ‘bucketloads’ of big Channel whiting and dogfish and some decent sized bass.

Most were caught on live hermit crabs. Private boats: The boat ‘Coastalot’ from Southend fished near Southend’s Mulberry Harbour.

Anglers snagged two codling near the 3.5lb mark plus some big whiting. All were caught on lugworm baits.