A FOUR-month blitz to cut crime and improve life for residents has been branded a waste of time.

The Basildon Community Safety Partnership launched a clean-up campaign and crime crackdown in March, but residents claim those in charge are not tackling the real issues.

The crackdown focused on the Moss Close area of Vange, which was made a Community Safety Action Zone to target issues such as graffiti, vandalism and other issues highlighted as affecting residents’ quality of life.

However, it has since emerged that just one person turned up to the zone’s latest public meeting last week, while just 106 people responded to a questionnaire sent to 1,644 homes in the area.

A 43-year-old man, who lives in Moss Close, but asked not to be named, has attended previous meetings, but said those in charge were only interested in providing half-term activities for teenagers.

He said: “The were only interested in discussing what they are doing for teenagers, but these things are supposed to be for the benefit of the whole community.

“These meetings are supposed to have people from all different agencies there to hear about problems in the area and deal with them.

“But every issue I brought up, they said they couldn’t do anything about.”

The resident claims Moss Drive and Moss Close are plagued with antisocial behaviour.

He said as recently as Saturday, police had to be called after a 20-strong group of yobs gathered in Moss Close and were shouting abuse, screaming and swearing, with some of the group even urinating in the street.

Other issues highlighted by the man at the meeting include litter and feral cats plaguing Moss Drive.

He added: “I won’t be going to another one of these meetings – they’re just a waste of time.”

Phil Easteal, community safety manager at Basildon Council, said: “The Basildon Community Safety Partnership greatly values suggestions and comments from residents and much of the work generated from Community Safety Action Zones comes through the feedback of local residents.

“We are working to address the concerns raised by the residents in the area and would encourage residents to continue to engage with us.”