ON February 10, 2012, while our father was on his final journey to Corbetts Tey Crematorium, being taken there by four magnificent horses, it was very distressing and upsetting to witness the impatience and total lack of respect by a few drivers.

In particular, the driver of a red car at the junction of Hathaway Road. We are so sorry for the few seconds inconvenience to you that you felt it necessary to nearly hit the offside leader horse while trying to overtake at speed. Thanks also to the other impatient driver of the car who cut in between the horses and the leading car placed there to protect them. We hope that when you are saying goodbye to a loved one others will treat you with as much concern and respect!

We would, however, like to sincerely thank everyone en route who did acknowledge and appreciate this final journey for our dad, especially in Ockendon.

We were really touched by the number of people who paid their respects as we passed. – JANE SCOWEN and SUSAN BEJKO-COWLBECK.