I HAVE been following the Thurrock Technical College saga from a distance and I am horrified Thurrock Council has rolled over and allowed a postage stamp size site in what was old Grays to be filled with so much extra traffic, that it will need the 200 odd new jobs just to write all the parking tickets that will be generated.

Of all the assinine decisions that this undemocratic, unelected, anti-Thurrock body, the Development Corporation, has ever made our misfortune to endure, this one really takes the cake.

Equally as galling is the fact that our elected representatives have just allowed it to happen on the nod.

I understand the DC is due to be wound up at the end of March?

Perhaps a judicial review of the mayhem it has caused could be invoked over its rulings over the last year, so all decisions could be set aside. – JOHN CAMPBELL, Heathview Road, Grays.