A REVIEW into removing the weight limit in Devonshire Road, Chafford Hundred, is being vehemently opposed by ward councillors.

Councillors for the Chafford Hundred area have been asked what their thoughts are on the 7.5 tonne weight limit being lifted, so that HGVs can access the road.

Conservative councillors Garry Hague, Tunde Ojetola, Neil Rockliffe, and Steve Veryard have responded by launching an online petition against the idea.

Deputy Mayor, and South Chafford councillor,Tunde Ojetola said: “The weight limit has only been in place for less than 2 years and it was put in place to protect residents lives and properties.

“We think the proposal is a waste of tax payers money as a full consultation about this was undertaken two years ago before the weight limit was installed.”

He added: “The Council has not explained the rationale behind this new consultation so soon after the previous one. The Council is yet to produce any police stats or traffic delay figures to evidence the reason for the new consultation.

“It therefore leads to one conclusion, that the aim is politically driven and we strongly object to tax payers money being wasted for political gain.

“We object to the proposal and to the absolute waste of tax payers money.”

Labour’s cabinet member for Transport, Yash Gupta, stressed that it is just a consultation with ward councillors at present.

He said: “I am just testing the water with the ward councillors at the minute, its just a consultation with them at this stage.

“We all know that there are huge problems with HGVs going down London Road in West Thurrock, so this is looking at diverting some to Devonshire Road.”

A spokesman for Thurrock Council said: “Ward members have been invited to comment on the proposed review of the Devonshire road weight limit in order to inform any future decision relating to Devonshire road.

“Comments from ward members will be considered and will help in making a decision on what is required.”

To sign the Conservative’s petition, go online to http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/devonshire_road/.