Two men have been jailed after they attacked another man with a samurai sword and a knife leaving him with severe cuts to his body.

Patrick Shiels, 35, of Cullen Square in South Ockendon, and Joe Buckley, 39, of Lavender Grove in London, appeared at Basildon Crown Court today for sentencing after they pleaded guilty to GBH with intent.

The court heard how Mr Shiels went to 13 Broxburn Parade, South Ockendon, on April 8 this year after he discovered that Tracey Jones, a woman he had been in a relationship with and had two children by, was in the flat with another man – Mordou Secka.

Tracey Jones was at her sister, Claire Smith’s, apartment in Broxburn Parade with Claire’s daughter and Mordou Secka, when she had a phone call from Shiels who was threatening to come to the property.

Prosecuting was Kate Davey, who said: “At about 3 o’clock in the morning, it appeared that Mr Shiels and Mr Buckley had climbed up a balcony.

“When there was a loud banging, Tracey Jones said, ‘don’t answer the door, it’s Patrick’.”

“What is clear is that it was Mr Shiels that came in first and he was carrying a large blade, which Jenna believes was a machete but Mr Secka said that he thought it was a samurai sword.

“The blade was about a foot long according to Tracey Jones.

“Mr Secka tried to keep the door shut but Mr Shiels came at him.

“Tracey Jones remembers him cutting at Mr Secka, repeatedly swinging the blade.

Shiels was then followed into the property by Buckley, who was armed with a kitchen knife which was about nine inches long.

Mr Secka was then slashed at by the men, receiving several cuts to his torso and legs.

Kate Davey continued: “When officers arrived they saw him sitting on the bed with cuts to his torso and legs, and a towel wrapped around one of his legs.

“When the towel was removed lots of blood came out leading officers to believe he had severed an artery.”

Mr Secka was taken to hospital and survived his injuries.

Shiels also sustained a cut to his neck, which his defence lawyer, Kathryn Hovington, said was “between one-and-a-half and two inches deep.”, but it is unclear how he received this.

Shiels was sentenced to eight years and three months for his involvement in the attack and Buckley was sentenced to six years and ten months as the sentencing judge, Judge John Lodge, recognised that Buckley had a “lesser role” in the attack.

Speaking to Shiels, Judge Lodge said: “I accept that you were injured, but I don’t accept that as mitigation.

“If you get involved in these things then you are likely to get injured.”

The pair were also given indefinite restraining orders against all four people involved in the incident.

Investigating officer Dc Samantha Lewin, of Grays CID, said: “This was a nasty unprovoked attack that left the victim with nasty injuries and permanent scars.

"We received several calls due to the violent nature of this offence and we would like to thank everyone for their help in the investigation.”