ALMOST 3000 people have signed a petition in less than two days calling for justice after two travellers were cleared of killing a young relative in a brawl.

A petition titled ‘Justice For Quhey Saunders An Appeal For A ReTrial To Get Quhey The Justice He Deserves’ has racked up 2596 signatures.

Former amateur boxer Simon Baker, 22, battered Hughie Saunders, of Standford-Le-Hope over the head with a plasterer’s whisk at Cobham service station on June 26.

His cousin Mikey Coyle, 21, who was armed with a shovel, stood by and yelled “I’m the man” during the fight which horrified staff and customers.

Baker had denied murder, saying he had acted in self defence as CCTV appeared to show him backing off as Mr Saunders prepared to strike him.

Both defendants were cleared of murder after the Old Bailey jury deliberated for two days.

Jurors had heard how fitness fanatic Mr Saunders, 20, who was known as Quhey, suffered catastrophic head injuries and died in hospital two days after the confrontation with Baker and Coyle.

Quhey’s brother, Luke Saunders, said in a post to Facebook: “Our Quhey was being the man that you are, you stood up for yourself and wouldn’t back down. When they wasn’t getting there own way they went and armed thereselves with weapons whilst you still had your bare fist.

“My little brother did not have fear in he’s heart neither did he take a backwards step the whole time I’m proud of you.

“The two scum that killed him got not guilty today. They get to go home live there life whilst my lovely little brother is gone and our entire life’s are ruined. We will never be a home again without Quhey.

“I’ll be empty for as long as I live feel like half a man now that your gone brother, but every dog has its day, we are all so proud of you Quhey."