A COMMUNITY is calling for the demolition of a derelict pavilion after it was targeted by arsonists.

The former changing room facility in Daisy Field was set alight by vandals on Sunday afternoon.

Firefighters were alerted to the fire within the building, in St Chad’s Road, Tilbury, at about 4.40pm.

On arrival, fire crews reported that the building, which has been derelict for some time, was completely smoke-logged.

Firefighters from Grays and Orsett used fans to ventilate the premises, before using backpack sprayers to extinguish small items including bedding materials.

The fire was out completely by 5pm and firefighters have since confirmed the cause has been recorded as deliberate.

But concern has been raised over the safety of the building as it has been targeted by vandals multiple times.

Ward councillors Steve Liddiard and John Allen are both keen to see the building removed to prevent further waste of resources and potential dangers.

Mr Allen said: “This disused pavilion has been an ongoing problem for a very long time, I understand - long before I became an elected councillor.

“It has raised many concerns from residents and I have sent many emails to the council requesting for the demolition expressing my fears over safety.

“I look forward to seeing this building removed sooner rather than later.”

Labour councillor Steve Liddiard echoed those thoughts and added: “We have had promises that this building is due for demolition and they got quotes for the work.

“I have put in questions at full council about the danger it represents. I have found syringes inside and there have been numerous fires. I am promised it will be taken away by the end of the financial year.”

A application to demolish the building was received by Thurrock Council on September 29 and is awaiting consideration.

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