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Day two of search for body of Danielle Jones

Last updated:

    Police are still searching the block of garages
  • Danielle Jones went missing in 2001 aged just 15
  • Her body has never been found, despite her uncle Stuart Campbell being convicted of her murder


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jayjay289 11:21am Tue 16 May 17
Lets hope Danielle can finally be layed to rest, God bless and my thoughts are going out to her family and friends at this time x
Score: 7
somi301 Replying jayjay289 5:16pm Thu 18 May 17
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[deleted] Replying jayjay289 12:56pm Tue 16 May 17
Score: 0
[deleted] Replying jayjay289 1:44pm Thu 18 May 17
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trust no one 3:15pm Tue 16 May 17
Put the killer in a cold cell, no clothing and no food until Dannielle is found, we treat this scum too well. Anyone arrested who says 'no comment' should be considered guilty. I can't imaging what her family must be going through, my thoughts are with them.
Score: 4
Dinlow Ron Replying trust no one 4:22pm Tue 16 May 17
Couldn't agree more. Beat the scum until he talks.
Score: 2
Peter Puten NOT Peter Putin the troll 6:37pm Tue 16 May 17
That child went through the worst experience ever at the hands of someone she trusted. I hope the scumbag dies painfully and slowly.
Score: 3
Modette 7:17pm Tue 16 May 17
The evil barsteward took her life away from her, the least he could do is tell the police where to find her and let the girl have a decent burial, a grave that her parents can visit. They've suffered enough, but this A-Hole is just extending their pain, depriving them of the right to properly mourn their little girl and get closure. He is a vile excuse for a human being. My thoughts are with the family of Danielle, i can't even begin to imagine what they're going through, and have been through for the past sixteen years.
Score: 2
mr.happy Replying Modette 10:23pm Tue 16 May 17
He's like Brady he doesn't want to give up control. A very sick individual, I hope his remaining days are pure misery.

Last edited: 5:45pm Wed 17 May 17

Score: 2
jim422 Replying mr.happy 7:54am Wed 17 May 17
I was reading an article about Ian Brady and it said we spent something like £10m on that nutter. He was transferred to a mental hospital in '85. At the end of the day it's all just a right-off. The guy died in hospital. If hanging hadn't been abolished that could have been £10m more for the NHS, schools, foreign aid/international bung fund, you name it... and there's plenty of murderers and dangerous nutters in mental hospitals still costing us. The only reason they're kept alive is because lawyers and judges need to sponge off the system with annual reviews and thereby adding to the mountain of paper work each year with psychologists, doctors, nurses, prison wardens (having to put up with them). They abolished hanging just as a scheme to sponge off the system and disguised it as a ruse for 'prisoner rights' to be kept alive.
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