FOLLOWING on from the words of Cllr Coxshall (Gazette Opinion, April 6), I have often said that in a borough as industrial as Thurrock I see no reason other than civic vandalism why our council would support building on green belt land whether for housing or employment needs.

Thurrock has numerous run-down brownfield sites that could be redeveloped for the good of the community, with the old Purfleet factories being a good example.

With vision our council and their developer friends could build attractive homes that people want to live in, and don’t mind having in their communities. What people do not want are cramped estates of bland poorly-built, shoddy-looking estates which age terribly and become a blot on the landscape a few years down the line. Nor should Thurrock continue in its role as the cheap housing dumping ground of Essex and East London.

Thurrock can be a much more attractive borough, where people choose to live, but the council must realise that one of our greatest assets is our vast green belt and open spaces.

Don’t allow greedy developers to irreversibly change the face of Thurrock into a concrete jungle. Tell them to ‘jog on’ and ruin somewhere else!

L BERNARD Orsett Village